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Education Law

If you are a parent, student, teacher, administrator, or volunteer, a threat to a student’s future or a person’s career can be very scary.  Many parents and students do not realize the effect that a reprimand, suspension or expulsion can have on their child’s future educational goals.  Additionally, parents with children with special needs often do not have the information available to them to effectively advocate on behalf of educational needs of their children.  Finally, educators accused of misconduct can find themselves reprimanded, suspended or have their employment terminated.  Richard J. McKyton, P.A. will effectively advocate on behalf of students facing discipline, students with special educational needs, and teachers, administrators, and volunteers accused of wrong doing.

We can help the following:

  • Parents
  • Students in primary, secondary, and post-secondary institutions accused of misconduct
  • “ESE” – Exceptional Student Education Programs issues
  • “IEP” – Individual Education Plan development and implementation
  • Full, Part Time, and Substitute teachers accused of misconduct
  • Professors accused of misconduct
  • College and school administrators accused of misconduct

Whether it is a student accused of misconduct, a child in need of special educational services or an educational professional facing discipline, an attorney can assist in making sure that fair and appropriate discipline is handed out to a student or educator and can make sure that a student with special education needs is provided the services guaranteed to him or her by Federal Statutes, Florida law and current school board policy.

Student & Employee Discipline

It does not matter if it is elementary school, middle school, high school or college. School sanctioned discipline (referral, detention, suspension or expulsion) can affect a student for the rest of his or her academic career because it is almost always made a permanent part of a student’s academic record.
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Exceptional Student Education (ESE)

The “Individuals with Disabilities Act” (“IDEA”) is a Federal Law that requires public school districts to identify children with disabilities and provide them with an appropriate education in the least restrictive environment possible, i.e. one that is as close to the regular educational environment as possible.
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